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Dress a Girl


Dress a Girl Around the World is a project to provide girls ages 3-14 with a simple dress and a pair of panties. We are told by volunteers and missionaries that predators stay away from girls who are dressed because it signifies in the underdeveloped areas of the world that these girls are cared for.

We hope that by sending dresses to established locations where the girls can be monitored we will be able to see changes in the girls lives. More self-esteem and being less victimized are the changes we hope for.

SIR has sent hundreds of dressed to various parts of the world.   The project meets the Soroptimist International goals and objectives by reducing human trafficking and abuse.

Our service committee organizes the workshops where we cut materials and assemble dress kits for members to take home and sew. The committee also supervises the purchase of panties.

If you or someone you know will be going to an underdeveloped country and would like to deliver some of our dresses, please get in contact with our group! 



 In early 2008 Soroptimist International of Roseville started their "From SIR with Love" project. The SIR stands for the club's name. The project consists of providing tote bags filled with a change of clothing and toiletry items to victims of sexual assault in Placer County. SIR members work with Placer County's Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). They realized this need after meeting with SART representatives who explained the difficulty of a post-assault medical examination and that victims have to submit their clothing as forensic evidence. The victims must then wear whatever clothing the medical facility has available. These are usually ill-fitting and unsightly. Also, the medical facilities don't provide toiletry items so the victims can clean up before going back home. This project specifically meets the goals of the Soroptimist organization of improving the life of women and girls.

There are over 100 victims of sexual assault examined in hospitals in our county every year. The average age of these victims is 20 years old. Statistics show us that one in three women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime and according to SART "rape is a fast growing violent crime throughout this country, but it is the least reported crime -- only 20-30 percent of all victims report their assault to law enforcement". Both the fast growing nature and viciousness of sexual assaults dictate that a service provided to victims to lessen the overall trauma and begin the healing process is necessary and will continue to be necessary.

The impact on the victims of sexual assault will be to make them feel like they are not alone at such a difficult time and that someone - even a stranger- cares about them and is anticipating their most basic needs. The items provided will also make them feel less self-conscious leaving the medical facility if they have products to clean up and clothing that fits properly. The bags are designed to allow the victims to leave the hospital with the healing process already begun.

The SIR members assemble the tote bags either after meetings or in teams of 7-8 at a members home on a quarterly bases. They are delivered to the Peace for Families office in Roseville who act as a liaison to SART. Peace for Families has trained volunteers who meet the victims at the hospital. They are called victim advocates and they bring the bags with them to the hospital. A bag is given to each woman or girl in an appropriate size. The bags have become part of the SART team tool kit to support the traumatized victims of our area.

Soroptimist members put together SART bags

On the exterior of the tote bag is a card with words of comfort and encouragement of the victims. S.I.R. members want the victims to know that they care about them.

Scholarships and Awards


Through scholarships and awards SIR helps young women reach their dreams.

"Live Your Dream Education and Training Award"


“Ruby Award” 

"Thelma Zerbe Scholarship"

“Violet Richardson Memorial Award” 

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